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       Manned Security
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Atlas delivers security consultancy solutions and security consultancy advice. Atlas has grown in experience over the years and offers consultancy services to assist customers to provide safe and secure environments by defining deficient security systems after adequate site investigation.  Atlas provides consultancy services including security assessments, advice, design, project management, and documentation in the following areas;

  1. Security assessment, information on latest developments in the security market
  2. Scenario based security services, reviews and studies
  3. Determination of electronic and physical security standards, maintenance and reporting  
  4. Risk analysis of firms & institutions
  5. Security plans for firms &  institutions
  6. Fire and natural disasters response pre-planning
  7. Emergency incident exit plans
  8. Commercial and financial researches
  9. Research on employees and job applicants’ qualifications
  10. Fraud examination within firms/organizations
  11. Recruitment of security personnel
  12. Training of security personnel in compliance with private security law no:5188
  13. Shooting Training of security personel

And Also;

    • Risk Analysis
    • Protection and safety plans under Law no 5188
    • National alarm and civil defence plans  be done under law no 7126


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