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Atlas Security supports application regulations prescribed by law no:5188 in serving its communities such as public institutions, private sector  institutions and individuals including enhancing public safety by providing armed or/and unarmed education and training which promotes professionalism and enhances competency within the ranks of private security law enforcement.

 Educational trainings are conducted in İstanbul headquarters under the scope of private security education institution authority. Classes are held daily except Sundays and normally scheduled between 09:00 and 17:30.  (8 hours a day, not exceeding 40 hours a week)

Armed trainings are performed in interactive shooting range, in air pistol shooting range and shootings are carried out at integrated Atlas’s indoor shooting range by professional instructors.

 Training practices involve a combination of activities such as discussion, problem solving, workplace scenarios, question based strategies, case study analysis, professional mentoring and simulation



.  Private Security Law Enforcement and Personal   Rights (20 hours interactive training)
·  Security Measures (20 hours; 15 hours theory based, 5 hours practical training)
·  Security Systems and Devices (4 hours practical training) 
·  Basic First Aid (12 hours; 6 hours theory based,  6 hours practical training)
·  Event Scene Protection (9 hours interactive  training)
·  Fire Security Systems and Natural Disasters Response Guidelines (9 hours interactive training)
·  Explosives (4 hours interactive training)
·  Effective Communication Skills (3 hours interactive  training)
·  Crowd Management (9 hours; 3 hours theory based, 6 hours practical training)
·  Personal Protection (9 hours interactive training)
·  Drug Knowledge (3 hours interactive training
·  Weapon Knowledge and Shooting (15 hours  practical training)



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