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       Manned Security
       Shoot Training


Trainings you can take in Atlas's Private 25 meters and 5 lane Shooting Range;

*Basic Shot Training for Beginners
* Basic and Advanced Shooter Training
* On request for Special Training
* Private Service for Educational Instututions
* Private Service for Shoot Fans

Under law no 5188., to the private security officers because of their security services, authorized use of weapons are taught theoretical and practically on training.

In Mechanical Education; gun description, quantity and information, allow disassembly and reassembly, stiffness,causes and remedy are taught.

In marksmanship training; shooting techniques, shooting fundamentals, the right to be engaged and be taught the right trigger to shoot down the targets.

With Laser Shot Training; accurate aiming,lower the trigger and target shooting are taught to the shooter.

With Airgun Training ; by applying the principles of engagement appropriate firing position and to be readt to shot are taught to the shooter.

In Shot Training; gun shot execution style, shots and nursing are to be gun after shots are taught to the shooter. With actual shooting , gun control is provided.


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